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“Right here let me correct the erroneous impression held by some that I claim to straighten the hair. I deplore such impression because I have always held myself out as a hair culturist. I grow hair…I want the great masses of my people to take a greater pride in their personal appearance and to give their hair proper attention.”

~ Mme. C.J. Walker

Featured Testimonials

I use the shampoo and the conditioner all the time and my hair has really grown alot since going natural (no relaxer) since July 2012!!! I want to tell all the young mothers the BEST thing u can do 4 ur girls is DO NOT put a relaxer in their is not healthy!!! Do some research on MCJ Walker's products!!!

~ Rosemary W. of Murfreesboro, TN

The Vitamin E Super Grow, Conditioning Cream, and the shampoo and moisturizing conditioner will give your hair wonderful results. The Glossine is a good pressing oil. And using these hair products will grow your hair and give it elasticity so your hair feels soft. These products have a good smell.Thank God for Madame C.J. Walker her hair products truly are a blessing for those of you who care about hair growth and taking care of your hair.

~ Pamela H.  of Southbend, IN

"My hair was thinning monthly, my scalp was super itchy, and my hair was limp.  It was getting harder and harder to make it look good.  I had been trying every organic “hair grow” product I could find – still itchy, still thinning. 

I have been using the Hair & Scalp Prep, Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Vitamin E Super Grow for 6 months now.  The other day I noticed that there were hairs about 2 inches long at my part – sticking straight up!  I was so excited.  About a month ago, all of a sudden my hair started to feel very soft and luxurious.  I have noticed more life and glow to my hair as well.  It looks good everyday now – and by looking good I mean volume, shine & life.

Thank you for continuing to manufacture these products – I can’t wait to see what my hair will look like in another 6 months!

What would I say to others trying your product?  Don’t give up – give it time to work."

~Valerie K.

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